Quality building since 1979

Our home improvement company began as Modern Home Improvers, a family-run business specialising in patios and single brick enclosures in Perth, Western Australia. Because we choose to only offer services we excel at, we decided to take things step-by-step and grow gradually.

In the 1980s, we shifted our speciality from patios and brick enclosures to single and second-storey extensions and renovations. From there, we expanded into the full spectrum of renovation, alteration and granny flat-building services we offer today.

In 1991 and due to breakthroughs in technology, we pioneered a platform that allowed us to give clients virtual tours of proposed alterations before work began. Our 3D Architectural Imaging Software continues to put us at the forefront of the industry. Never content to rest on our laurels, we then moved into the custom home construction industry in a successful bid to better service our valued clients, both new and current.

By this time Modern Home Improvers was in its third generation, and to honour the legacy of our company with an eye to the future, we decided it was time for a change that reflected that. Introducing Sertorio Homes — a family-run business built on the respected legacy of Modern Home Improvers that stands at the forefront of contemporary construction techniques.

Today, Owner and Managing Director Bruce Sertorio, along with his wife Anne who is the Office Manager, oversee the daily operations of Sertorio Homes. Their daughter is Head of Design and their son is a registered builder and Principal Building Supervisor. To this day, many of the tradesmen who began working with us in the 80s continue to help make your vision a reality with the precision and excellence that can only come from experience.

The difference is in the details

With over 40 years’ experience, Sertorio Homes has grown into a leading home builder and renovator in Perth. Trust, quality, reliability and precision are at the heart of how we approach turning your vision into award-winning reality.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our relationships with clients, our team and industry peers.


Growing from humble beginnings into a market leader, we’ve mastered affordable luxury home construction and the alteration and renovation of existing properties.


We use our skills to make your vision a reality by listening to your needs carefully before proposing solutions.

Personalised attention

Our Managing Director Bruce Sertorio is involved with every client, ensuring personalised attention and management of
every project.

Family values

We know how disruptive renovations can be. As a family business, we do what it takes to make your family as comfortable as possible while building, expanding or renovating your dream home.


We value and trust the team we’ve built around Sertorio Homes. This is why we’re confident enough to say: You bring the dream, and we’ll bring the expertise to make it a reality with minimum hassle.

Our multiple awards, satisfied client testimonials and long-standing relationships with our network of tradesmen speak to how well we’ve delivered to be Perth’s premier custom home builder and improvements company.

Our affiliations

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