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When it comes to adding an extension or renovating your home, Sertorio Homes relies on only the very best materials from leading, quality suppliers. Hebel Power Floor is an innovative building product made from autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) that offers homeowners and builders a range of advantages over a more traditional concrete flooring option.

This robust flooring solution is relied upon by our team, whether we’re renovating your home or working on a new custom build. A Hebel Power Floor is our preference for flooring on all luxury renovations and custom new builds, as it combines strength, thermal and acoustic insulation, fire resistance, and moisture resistance, all into one high-performance system.

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Whether it’s a new custom home build from scratch, or a complete re-design of your existing structure, our team of custom home builders in Perth, WA, are here to help you design and build your new custom home. Get started by requesting a quote above, or contacting our team on (08) 9244 1993.  

What is Hebel Power Flooring?

Hebel Power Flooring is precast, steel-reinforced concrete floor panels that can be installed onto a structural frame or slab to create a seamless concrete floor. At 75mm thick, Hebel Power Floor panels are lighter than traditional concrete, yet just as strong, making transport and installation faster. The panels feature grooves allowing concrete topping to be poured on-site to create a smooth, continuous surface and finish.

The Advantages of a Hebel Power Floor

When it comes to installing a Hebel Power Floor in your home, there are so many advantages, which is why we love this incredible building products. Here are just a few of the advantages of a Hebel Power Floor:

Strength and Durability

With a characteristic compressive strength of 7MPa, Hebel Power Floor matches the load-bearing capacity of traditional concrete for residential buildings while resisting damage from impact, abrasion and chemical attack.

Thermal Performance

The autoclaving process creates millions of tiny air pockets within the concrete matrix of Hebel panels. This aerated structure delivers vastly superior insulation over poured concrete floors, reducing heat transfer for improved comfort and energy savings.

Acoustic Insulation

By dampening sound transfer far better than standard concrete, Hebel Power Floor creates noticeably quieter interiors by blocking outside noise and containing sound within rooms, which is a win-win for our clients in busy, built-up areas.

Fire Resistance

Offering up to 180 minutes fire resistance, Hebel Power Floors fully comply with NCC regulations for separate dwellings and common walls. The non-combustible concrete material ensures excellent performance in bushfire-prone areas.

Moisture Resistance

Hebel floor systems include damp-proof membranes and concrete toppings that prevent moisture ingress, making them suitable for wet areas like bathrooms and laundries.

At Sertorio Homes, we believe choosing Hebel Power Flooring is a solid investment for any new residential build or renovation. If you’d like more information about why we recommend using Hebel Power Floor on your next renovation project or custom build, please call us on (08) 9244 1993 and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

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When it comes to new custom home build and renovations across WA, Sertorio Homes are the experts, relying on quality building materials at every step of the process. Request a quote for a new build below or get in touch with our team on (08) 9244 1993 to get started on your new custom built home today.

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