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There is something to be said for stepping over the threshold and into a history-steeped character home. And because we value the charisma of old homes, we ensure our newly built character homes are as charming and cosy as their predecessors. With unmatched attention to detail and craftmanship, we aim to capture the timelessness of historic architecture that is loyal to the quality of build in the early 20th century. The best part of a new build character home is that you blend all the charm of an old home with all the bells and whistles of a modern home.

If you’d like to get started with building your dream character home in Perth, trust the specialist home builders at Sertorio Homes. Get in touch with our team on (08) 9244 1993 today. Already own a character home and looking to do some renovations? Find out more here.

Imbue your character home with the charm it deserves with Sertorio Homes.

Our home builders have over 40 years of experience behind them, with results backed by multiple awards and accolades. Our appreciation of Perth’s property history ensures our newly built character homes pay respect to those that came before.

With a team of specialist character home builders, we will capture the aesthetic beauty and architectural integrity of a character home, delivering your vision hassle-free and on budget. By working towards your dream, we’ll deliver a character home that marries vintage touches with modern techniques.


By contacting the Sertorio Home’s office by email or phone, a consultant will contact you to arrange a FREE, no obligation visit to your home.
Leave that to us. We will organise approvals with the council and Water Corporation. We will also organise the survey and engineering details.

As you can appreciate, every council has differing needs and procedures for building. Some council’s are also inundated with approvals, although we work closely with councils, there may be an occasional delay with approvals. If you feel that the approval process is unusually long, we recommend that you contact the council direct.

It is advisable to contact your home insurance company to advise them of the renovation. They can advise you on your individual policy requirements.

Each renovation is unique. A time frame will be devised based on your current home and proposed renovation. You will be advised prior to signing the contract the allowable working days to complete works.

This is a personal choice. You should speak with your consultant and site manager before making your decision.

Where possible, sub-contractors to Sertorio Homes will keep mess to a minimum. To ensure you end up with the best possible renovation, it may be necessary to carry out demolition. You will need to cover furnishings and it may become unpleasant for a short period of time. Each renovation is unique and it would be best to speak with your Site Manager to determine your individual needs.

No, Sertorio Homes have qualified designers who will draw up your design plans in-house. Sertorio Homes do not use other architect designs, as we will draw to specification.

Yes, you can. Any changes prior to the contract being signed are made in-house at no extra charge. Any changes after contract signed may result in additional costs onto the contract.

No. Any additional tradespeople not directly working with Sertorio Homes will not be covered by insurance. Any damage that they may cause on the renovation will also not be covered by insurance. Speak with your Site Manager to devise the best course of action prior to employing additional tradespeople.

Yes, you can. If you decide to provide your own products, please advise your Consultant prior to materials being purchased. If in doubt, speak with your Consultant. Any changes can affect both the price and scheduling of your job.

Practical completion means the renovation or build is complete but does not mean it is perfect. In other words, you can live in the house. At time of handover, a Practical Completion inspection will be made by the Sertorio Homes director, and any defects will be noted. These will be rectified within a reasonable time.

Sertorio Homes only carries out renovations and new builds in the immediate Perth metropolitan area. Contact our office to confirm if we renovate in your area.

An original character home is built pre-1947, which can also be known as Federation style. It is still a popular architectural and decor design choice.

The best part of a new build character home is that you combine the charm of an old home with all the bells and whistles of a modern home, such as contemporary interior finishes and current technology.

Any structural changes should be made during the design phase, not construction. During construction of your character home, minor changes to things such as the layout of your fixtures or cabinetry are easier to do.

Common materials include red brick along with terracotta roof tiles and woodwork and timber displayed around the house.

The cost of your new build character home is determined by a number of factors, including the size and scope of your project. Build costs will also depend on things like the materials and finishes used. Want advice around the cost of building a character home with Sertorio Homes? Speak with one of our Building Consultants for a guide.

All homes built have a 6-year structural warranty.

Leave that to us. We will organise approvals with the council and Water Corporation. We will also organise the survey and engineering details.

Styles of character homes we build include Federation, Art Deco, and Californian bungalow.

Each character home building project we complete is unique. A time frame will be devised based on requirements for site preparation and your home design, with the whole process usually taking approximately 1 year. Since Covid-19, our industry has faced challenges, but we continue to navigate through these times with a realistic outlook.

What sets us apart

Our slew of awards, satisfied client testimonials and long-standing relationships with our network of tradesmen speak to how well we’ve delivered on our aim — to be Perth’s premier home improvements company.

You’re always first

With Sertorio Homes, your imagination leads the way. We turn your vision into a reality that will exceed your expectations and become a home to cherish for years to come.

Quality. Always.

Sertorio Home believes in the traditional values of care and craftsmanship. We combine this ethos with modern technology to deliver only the best in custom-designed homes.


With Sertorio Homes and our team of trusted experts, you know what you’re getting. We start by offering a no-obligation consultation, and a fixed-price contract that has a 3D walkthrough of your designs thrown in. With us, you’ll see your home realised before it’s built.

Know your renovation

Renovating means trusting your contractors to treat your home with the same care you do. We share our favourite projects so you know what to look forward to with Sertorio Homes.

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